An Afternoon Spent with Friends

One of the perks of becoming an Inventor is you get two new friends in your classroom. Clopsy and Mopsy. Clopsy and Mopsy are horses, a horse backback and horse puppet to be presise. Whoever is the VIP for the day gets to bring Clopsy and Mopsy home to spend the night, and return the next preschool day. The kids love spending time with Clopsy and Mopsy. Or at least my kid does. Everything that day was more fun because she could share it with them. Clopsy and Mopsy apparently like Legos and playing store, but they do not like salad, not with dressing. And my normally camera-shy little girl was constantly requesting “Mom, take a picture of me and Clopsy and Mopsy playing cards,” “Mom, take a picture of me and Clopsy and Mopsy eating snack,” and “Mom, take a picture of me and Clopsy and Mopsy reading a book!” Before their return to school, the child gets to dictate what Clopsy and Mopsy did for mom or dad to write down in Clopsy’s journal, which Teacher Patty reads the next day during circle time. The kids love this special time, and it’s a great introduction to bringing things home from school and remembering to bring them back.
~Emily Kelton, Inventor Mom

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