Back into the Swing of Things

Or shall I say the “jump” of things?! It’s J week here at SCP, and so we’re jumping into the new year! Jumping with scarves:
Reading Jump, Frog, Jump:
Which is most fun to do while holding hands with a nearby Mom:There was also lots of action at the playdoh table today:
And some serious police officer business:
Of chasing after this elephant:
Who turned out to be an injured elephant in need of some serious foam reconstructive surgery.
And then some more police officer busniess, though maybe not quite as serious:
Or maybe it was, this officer does look a little tousled up after all.
And we got to congratulate a new big sister, her baby sister was born on New Year’s Day!
So, I’d say we’re off to a great jumping start to 2010!

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