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It’s time for a little bit of housekeeping and dusting off the old keys to get this blog up to date! A few things things worth mentioning, in case you were not already aware:

  • Did you know that the preschool has a Flickr account where parents can share and view pictures of the classes? The url is www.flickr.com/photos/shorelinecooppreschool, but you’ll need a couple of things. 1. You do need to have a Flickr account because our photo albums aren’t publicly shared and 2. you’ll need to visit this link (while signed in), hover over our profile photo and add us as a contact.
  • Notice that handy little Amazon box to the right? You didn’t? It’s wedged between the ‘Recent Posts’ and the ‘Blog Archive’. One of our Imagineers parents setup an Amazon associate account for us (Thanks Evan!) which means if you use our link when you search and buy things on Amazon, SCP will earn $ to help our school. It’s easy and it doesn’t require anything special. You just need to make sure you either click the link on the SCP website (it’s at the top) or start searching from our handy dandy little widget box. Don’t forget! It’s a great and painless way to help support our school.
  • Do you have a blog? Do you have a family blog that you’d like to share with other SCP parents? Please feel free to comment here, leave the link and we’ll add it to our Preschool Family Blog linkroll on this site.
  • Do you like to blog? Want to help represent your class with posts on the blog? Please leave a comment here with your name and we’ll be in touch with login credentials.

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