Workbook Fun!

This year, I’ve heard several parents talk about how much their Imagineer is really into the idea of preschool workbooks. At our house, it’s become a part of the day. Immediately after supper, D asks to “do the workbook”. Here are a couple of workbooks we’ve really enjoyed along with (because they can be a little spendy when you’re burning through them!) a couple of sites with lots of printables (FREE!).

Richard Scarry’s Big Busy Sticker & Activity Book: A great book for Busytown fans! It’s loaded with really colorful pages and all kinds of activities and games. In addition there are literally hundreds of stickers to be used for all of the activities. It takes a little searching around at times to match the stickers to the pages, but you’ll get the hang of it. They’re all letter coded. I only wish they made the sticker pages perforated as we opted to pull all of the pages out (before D stuck them all!).

Brainquest Workbook: This was also a really great book. It’s organized into color-coded sections by topics (numbers, letters, etc.) and lasted a long time. The pages are all full colored and it’s a pretty thick book. This site is nothing fancy, but is chocked full of printable sheets. We printed them all up double sided to save paper. They are listed by type of activity and there are lots and lots of pages. It takes a little clicking around to get to the pages that you want to print, but they have a nice selection of activities.

Do you have a favorite site? Feel free to comment below. As always, if you want to purchase the workbooks mentioned above, please use the links below for Amazon to support SCP!

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