A Green School

SCP Goes Green

Kids learning about recycling

Preschool is the perfect time to introduce the concept of embracing a greener, healthier lifestyle in order to help shape these important habits and awareness early in a child’s life. We hope that it will become second nature to the students to seek safer products and reduce waste. Additionally, because our school is a cooperative, parents are deeply engaged and we have a tremendous opportunity to reach them as well. Here’s some things we’ve implemented:

  • created a green committee to teach our parents and kids about green practices
  • started composting most of our waste
  • replaced cleaners and soaps with organic, non-toxic products
  • reduced our waste by switching to BPA and phthalate free plastic cups and bowls
  • removed toys with toxic paint and harmful plastic
  • performed lead, radon and BPA tests on materials around school
  • moved our web site to a green web host that offsets 100% of its data center’s energy usage by purchasing Renewable Energy Certificates

Here’s a video with more about our process: