Green School

Green School

Kids learning about recycling

Preschool is the perfect time to engage kids in learning “green” habits, while they’re forming an understanding of their relationship to — and impact on — the world. Additionally, we have the ability to reach parents through our family involvement, and to benefit from the green habits of our member families to seek safer products and reduce our waste.

Green habits we’ve implemented:

  • Composting our food waste
  • Replaced cleaners and soaps with organic, non-toxic products
  • Reduced our waste by using BPA- and phthalate-free reusable cups and bowls
  • Removed toys with toxic paint and harmful plastic
  • Performed lead, radon, and BPA tests on school materials
  • Created a green committee to identify and implement green practices, and to teach children and parents green habits in everyday life
  • Moved our website to a green host that offsets 100% of its data center energy usage through the purchase of Renewable Energy certificates

Check out this video with more information about our green school practices.