Aqua Town

We’ve been having all sorts of aquatic fun at preschool lately. After our trip to the Aquarium we’ve been interested in all things fishy, such as:
Creating a big beachy scene:(this group made collage was a painting, topped with glued on sand and fishy stickers)
Mini aquarium tank collaging (and perhaps some fishy earring wearing):
A little sensory tub fishing:And of course, gearing up and heading out on the boat for some magnetic fishing:
No crabs around here with all the fun we’ve been having!

All In A Days Work

I love that on any given day at SCP the kids are endlessly busy with so many different things. From reading about and digging up rocks and minerals,
to water play,
to playdoh snake making.
From seeing blue,
to drawing red.
From sign creating,
to birthday celebrating!
(hee, hee Andre is taken becoming a big 4 year old seriously!)
Yep, for these Imagineers it’s just all in a days “work”.

Back into the Swing of Things

Or shall I say the “jump” of things?! It’s J week here at SCP, and so we’re jumping into the new year! Jumping with scarves:
Reading Jump, Frog, Jump:
Which is most fun to do while holding hands with a nearby Mom:There was also lots of action at the playdoh table today:
And some serious police officer business:
Of chasing after this elephant:
Who turned out to be an injured elephant in need of some serious foam reconstructive surgery.
And then some more police officer busniess, though maybe not quite as serious:
Or maybe it was, this officer does look a little tousled up after all.
And we got to congratulate a new big sister, her baby sister was born on New Year’s Day!
So, I’d say we’re off to a great jumping start to 2010!

Costume Fun

We had such a wild good time in the Imagineers class today! A number of the kids decided to pop into costumes and it resulted in quite a show. Here is the picture evidence:
Ivy as “Princess Esmerelda” (she had no idea she was meant to be “Snow White”)
Teacher Patty burying a bunch of wild creatures:
The wild creatures burying Teacher Patty:
Ah, she awakes!
Claire Raccoon and her ice castle creation:
Snacking wild creatures:
What wild fun indeed!