Cooperative preschool is an enriching and community experience! This page gives you a full overview of member responsibilities.

Member Responsibilities

Our school is a made up a great community of engaged and active parents. The following are the responsibilities for participating in our school. Through these activities, you’ll get to know the other parents and children well and participate in your child’s education as well as the success of our school.

  1. Bring a nutritious snack on a rotating basis.
  2. Participate in our annual Fundraiser or pay the non-Fundraiser fee.
  3. Attend, work and be on time at preschool one day each week per child enrolled. This also includes attending any field trips that are not on your work day. (Field trip costs are included in tuition.)
  4. Actively serve on a committee or the Board of Directors (Adventurers are excused from this responsibility).
  5. Help setup the preschool at the beginning of the year, and help at the end of the year clean up (Adventurers and Board Members are excused).
  6. Attend Parent Meetings held one evening of each month – except the Dragonflies – (they are held on rotating days of the week).
  7. Each quarter after they have fulfilled their member responsibilities, members receive one to three Shoreline Community College credits (depending in which class they are enrolled).

Understanding How Tuition Supports Our School

Tuition and registration fees pay for part of our expenses which include the Director’s salary, rent, supplies, insurance, equipment, books, music, and office supplies. Our tuition price also covers field trip costs. The Parent Education Fee is divided into three quarterly payments. This fee goes to Shoreline Community College and pays for parent education and speakers throughout the school year. It is based on the number of credits each parent takes from Shoreline Community College.  You will pay the quarterly College fee directly to the Preschool and the Preschool writes one check to the College. See our Tuition page for more information.

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