PJ’s And Recycling

Today was PJ day at school. It was fun to see everyone wearing their favorite pajamas, parents too. The Imagineers also had a visit from CleanScapes. We learned about recycling, what items we can recycle and what we should compost or put in the garbage. We also learned of the different ways items can be reused or remade into something else. The kids brought items from home and got to put them into the blue recycling bin. We heard a few stories and then everyone put on their safety glasses and reflective vests. We headed outside and waiting for us was the CleanScapes recycling truck, where all our items were recycled. We were told how the truck works and everyone got a chance to sit in the driver’s seat of the truck.  A very exciting and fun day at preschool, thanks to our friends at CleanScapes for taking the time to teach us about recycling.

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