Where Kids and Families Grow
Where Kids and Families Grow
Where Kids and Families Grow
Where Kids and Families Grow
Where Kids and Families Grow
Where Kids and Families Grow
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For more than 50 years, Shoreline Cooperative Preschool has been a community- and family-oriented preschool providing a place for kids and parents to learn and grow together with warmth and respect.

“Play is often talked about as if it were a relief from serious learning. But for children, play is serious learning. Play is really the work of childhood.”

Mr. Rogers

We are play-based; we believe children learn best when they create, explore, build, make believe, and problem solve using real, diverse materials.We practice positive discipline, look for the good in each other, and work to grow cooperation, respect, kindness, and curiosity. Many parents participate daily, so our environment is language rich. Our supportive environment keeps families coming back year after year.

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COVID-19 Precautions

SCP will be aligning with the Covid policy of Shoreline Public School’s preschool programs offered at Edwin Pratt Early Learning Center. As of Sept 1, this means that we will open the school year with masks not required.
Edwin Pratt follows the school district’s Covid policy, and when needed layers on additional guidance specific for early childhood settings as determined by Puget Sound Educational Service District and federal Head Start guidelines

Please reference the WA DOH flowchart for school settings to determine how to proceed if you or your child are symptomatic or are exposed to Covid. Please reference the PSESD Early Learning Covid Guidance document for full details of the Covid policy that Edwin Pratt and SCP are aligned with. As of Sept 1, the only Covid precautions required of children and families in our school are: Covid vaccination for all adults working in the classroom, and compliance with the DOH flowchart by everyone who is symptomatic or is exposed to Covid. Vaccine verification for adults working in the classroom will take place at Orientation, and adults registered with Shoreline Community College will need to complete the College’s vaccine attestation process prior to the first day of class. 

Additionally, our school is required to report Covid cases to King County Public Health, provide masks and Covid tests to those who become symptomatic at school, and inform SCP families of Covid cases at school. We will comply fully with this state and county guidance. More details can be found here: 

Questions or concerns about Covid precautions can be directed to our director Elisabeth Heftel at director@shorelinecooperativepreschool.org. Thank you for all you continue to do to keep our school safe!

Mission Statement

The Shoreline Cooperative Preschool is a community and family oriented secular cooperative preschool that provides educational resources for children and caregivers to learn and play together. We provide children with a developmentally appropriate learning environment while parents/caregivers receive parent education instruction from Shoreline Community College faculty at our preschool.  We welcome students of all backgrounds and strive to create an equitable and accessible environment for families of any structure to grow, learn, and participate. Our vision is to be a supportive home for building relationships and meeting the social and developmental needs of our children and their families.

Shoreline Cooperative Preschool Anti-Bias/Anti-Racism (ABAR) Policy

We at Shoreline Cooperative Preschool recognize that biases for or against racial/ethnic backgrounds, culture, language, gender expression, sexual orientation, family structure, cognitive or physical ability, economic class, immigration status, and religion affect how every person (staff, parent, child) experience privilege and oppression. We are committed to broadening representation in classroom media (art, play, reading, and music), and continual self reflection and admission of bias with intention to grow and change for a more equitable learning environment. We also recognize that understanding, acknowledging and working to eliminate biases and oppression is a perpetual learning process for us all. Different people can be at different stages in the learning process, and as a community create opportunities for learning and assist each other in the learning process. We are dedicated to integrating ongoing ABAR education at all levels of the school community. We are committed, collectively and individually, to actively support community efforts to overcome oppression and establish justice.