Tuition is paid monthly for nine months from September through May.  The monthly tuition covers all class field trips and classroom supplies.  Please see below for an explanation of all additional fees or costs.  Tuition amounts listed are for the 2023-2024 school year.

Class FrequencyTuitionSCC Parent Education Fee
Adventurers (18+ months)
1 morning/wk
$65/mo $44 quarterly (2 credits)
Discoverers (2/3)
2 mornings/wk
$110/mo $44 quarterly (2 credits)
Imagineers (3/4)
3 mornings/wk
$170/mo $66 quarterly (3 credits)
Inventors (4/5)
3 afternoons/wk
$200/mo $66 quarterly (3 credits)
Wonderers (18 months-5 years)
1 morning/wk
$65/mo$44 quarterly (2 credits)
Dragonflies Summer Class
Meets 2x/wk for three weeks in June
$160 Included in tuition

Registration Fee: There is a $65 non-refundable deposit ($85 if registering two children) for all classes except Dragonflies. The Dragonflies summer class tuition includes a $50 non-refundable deposit.

Sibling Discount: We offer discounted tuition for families with multiple children attending our preschool. Families will receive a 10% discount off of a second child’s monthly tuition, and a 50% discount off of a third child’s monthly tuition.

SCC Parent Education Fee: This is a quarterly fee of $22 per credit. This fee is paid directly to the preschool along with tuition three times per year (Sept, Dec, March) to cover the cost of credits received for each parent through Shoreline Community College. Parents are enrolled at SCC while their children are enrolled at preschool and receive a student ID card and all benefits associated with being an SCC student while enrolled. Parents do not need to be admitted or enrolled at SCC prior to registering at preschool. After registering, you will receive a link to an online form to complete this process.

Electronic Payment Fees: Tuition may be paid via check, cash, ACH/e-check or credit card.  We are not able to absorb electronic payment processing fees into our budget at this time, so in order to accept credit cards and other e-payments we have to include an additional charge for the full processing fee at the time of payment. The fee for credit cards is 3.40% + $0.30 transaction fee. ACH/e-checks will have a $3.00/transaction fee.

Scholarships: We have a limited scholarship fund available to help cover a portion of the tuition for families in need of financial assistance. Scholarship applications are reviewed by the board and, if approved, will apply to tuition for one quarter (three months). Please contact the Treasurer or Director if you would like to apply.  Scholarship applications are kept confidential.